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About Me    
     My name is Whitney Wright. I am a senior marketing major at ULM. I have a passion for beauty and fashion. My dream job would be being a sales represdentative for a cosmetic or clothing company. I love to try new products, and form opinions about them in order to reccomend them to others based on their needs. 
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     Some people go to the gym to relax adn relieve stress...I paint my nails. I may paint them up to five times a week when life gets really stressful! I know that I can't control what happens in my life, but I can have fabulous nails while it happens.

     Prepping your nails is key before painting them. Maintaing the shape and cuticle health is part of that. In doing so, I file my nails and trim my cuticles weekly. To keep my nails healthy and strong, I use Nailtiques Formula 2. This nail treatment is specifically for weak, peeling nails. This is the best nail treatment I have ever used. It actually does what it claims, and you see results quickly.Now we can move on to color! My favorite brands are OPI, Whim, and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I've found that these formulas go on the smoothest and last the longest amount of time without chipping. A topcoat is essential when it comes to painting your nails. This step is what protects the nail color against everyday wear. My favorite topcoat is Seche Vite. It's amazing! This topcoat is like wall paint. It locks the nail color on your nails for weeks! After I have finished with the topcoat, I use drying drops to expedite the drying process. I mean this is a microwave world, right? I've found the Nicole by OPI drying drops to work best. You don't have to paint them on with an applicator brush and risk smudging your hard work. All the products I've mentioned were purchased at Ulta. I go there for most of my beauty needs. They have a huge selection of nail polish colors by the brands I mentioned, compared to other retailers. You now have all the secrets to achieving lasting,  fabulous nails. Get to painting!

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