My name is Jonathan Reed and I'm a Business/Marketing major in my senior year at ULM.
I was born in Texas, but grew up for a lot of my childhood in both Ohio as well as Georgia. The first real interestin my childhood through adulthood was music, and I still like to spend time writing that even now. At first for my collegiate endeavors I thought I'd complete a degree in regards to music, but eventually started getting more interest in business and felt that would be a really interesting educational choice, and have quite a wide spectrum of career opportunities. Well... I hope anyways!

In the future I'd like to get involved with potential creative marketing opportunities, as I currently work in an internet sales position but would like a chance to explore the creative marketing side. As much as I work, it would also be nice to climb the ladder and make a larger income of course. Maybe down the line if I developed an interesting and viable business concept, I'd like to look into growing my own company one day.

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Marvel and DC

Besides music, I also enjoy superhero related comics and films. This is definitely a good time to be a fan, especially having seen all of the Marvel and DC film adaptions that have taken place. While Marvel has a lot of popular heroes and has done incredible in film, I still gravitate towards some of the DC characters. Superman for example was really the first well known superhero to be created back in June of 1938 by Siegel and Shuster with Action Comics #1.  Before the popular success of the Avengers films, and even before the successful Sam Raimi Spider-Man films there was an earlier  significant comicbook film adaption that was very influential.

Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Movie

The first major superhero film that could hit mainstream audience was made before many of us were born back in 1978. This was “Superman: The Movie” and was a critical success, that allowed many of today’s successful directors to explore their imaginations and bring popular superheroes to film. As fans enjoy the current crop of yearly superhero film specatacles, it is great to recognize the foundation that was created from this earlier effort. Regardless of who a fan’s favorite brand is, there is no denying the influence of that film as well as the multitude of new comic book characters that expanded over the last 75 years.