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Us The Journey of  Life
Gives Us Memories
We Can Cherish Together Forever

Hello, my name is Susannah McFarland. I am a Senior Business Major at the University of
 Louisiana at Monroe.  In addition to attending college, I also work as an Accounting Department    
Manager at EFCU Financial Federal Credit Union. I have been employed at the credit union for 11 
 years, but have been in the accounting field for 16 years. Although school and work keep me busy, I
still find time for the most important thing in my life...My Family
I met my husband 23 years ago, and we have been married for 19 years. He is my best friend
and the biggest supporter of all my dreams.  I have two children, Heather is 16 and Devin is 9. There
is never a dull moment with them; they always manage to make me laugh every day. When I'm not
busy with school, I enjoy reading, watching Nascar, and spending time with my family. My favorite
thing to do with them is attending concerts. In the last year, we have seen Def Leppard, Kiss, Motley
Crue, Alice Cooper, and a few other bands in concert.We also enjoy going to the beach, Houston, and
Tennessee.  Going to the Houston Rodeo and Tennessee were two of my favorite family vacations. It
is important to me that my children have fond memories of their childhood and live life to the fullest.
My family means the world to me. Words could never describe how much I love and appreciate them
The final member of our family is our dog Sophie. She has a loving,funny personality. The one
word that best describes her is spoiled. Whenever I'm sitting at the table working on school work, she
has a bad habit of sitting next to me and barking until I get up and get her one of her cookies.           

Our Family


Good Times

Kiss Concert

Motley Crue


5 Finger Death Punch


Houston Rodeo
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