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Ariel Cain

Pageant, Miss Black and Gold, Crown, Beauty About Me
    Welcome to a glimpse into my life! My name is Ariel Cain and
I am a senior at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. My major is
communications: public relations and my minor is marketing. I'm a
student-athlete whose been running track since fourth grade.
  My passions include health, fitness, beauty, and fashion.
My life revolves around my faith in God, my family, and my friends.
I enjoy giving advice on products, activities, and lifestyle tips.

Jumpsuit, Heels, Watch, Satchel        Blush, Brushes, Eyeshadow, Nudes, Lipstick        Race, Track and Field, Indoor, Relay, Finish

   You may have noticed that I have a unique personality. I love fitness and sports, but I also love anything that's considered "girly." I started running track in the fourth grade but well before then I was dipping and dabbing into makeup and nail polish, and not much has changed. I wouldn't consider myself a beauty guru, but I wouldn't correct you if you called me a makeup fanatic.
    My favorite store to buy cosmetics is Sephora. Sephora is my one stop shop where I can find most of my favorite cosmetic brands. And if I'm in Sephora then I'll probably be making my way to MAC shortly after. MAC is my favorite brand when it comes to purchasing eyeshadows and lipsticks. I also love MAC's liquid and powder foundation, but Make Up For Ever's liquid foundation is also a favorite of mine.
   Futhermore, if I haven't found anything at MAC or Sephora then you'll find me in
ULTA. However, I tend to shop at ULTA when I'm trying to spend less money, but still be satisfied with my purchase(s). Either way, all three of these stores give me what I need to continue on my makeup voyage.

   High Wate Jeans, Fall Clothing, Boots, Fashionova                    Salad, Fruit, Chicken                  Gym, Tights, Workout, Abs

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